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Sketches on Atheism

The God Problem

To say there is a ghastly pile of truly appalling problems pervading the entire concept of an Omnimax god would be an understatement of monstrously proportioned scale. The idea is not only systematically barren of evidence, the abstraction itself is riddled with a rash of rational inconsistencies, stunning contradictions, and logical fallacies so spectacularly obvious … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

Just how confident are Yahwehists in the Durability of their Religion?

How confident would Yahwehists feel in the future of their particular religion if all forms of childhood indoctrination were deemed – somehow – illegal? It’s possible.  The wording of anti-predatory child protection laws already identifies negative religious conditioning in all but name. Physical, psychological, and intellectual abuse are all singled out in the U.S.’s 1974 … Continue reading