Sketches on Atheism

This is a truly excellent post. The distinction between secularism and atheism is spot on.

An atheist, a secularist, an agnostic.

The thing about atheism is that, if you’re not running into those who are just labeling themselves as such on principal and without much research, is that people really misunderstand it.

It isn’t something we readily label ourselves with to set ourselves apart. It isn’t necessarily a ‘movement’ of sorts. It isn’t any one set of beliefs or characteristics that unites multiple atheists (unless the individual atheists want it to be). It’s not a religious belief, because I’m not taking anything on faith. It’s a default position.

It’s a default position to not believe something for which there is no proof, until or unless someone can present proof for their case. Atheism is that for me more than anything else. This site is about the only place I come to talk about the ideas that I have as they relate to religion, atheism, and agnosticism. But I do not assert…

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