Sketches on Atheism

You are somewhere in-between.

Eight years ago to the day I got the best computer virus imaginable. How it slipped in and infected my computer I really can’t say, but after making itself known I wasn’t in the slightest bit upset I’d been digitally molested. Truth be told I was thrilled that this piece of viral code had infected my machine. I was thrilled it’d infected me. It wasn’t malicious, didn’t corrupt any program, delete a single file or steal a solitary bit of personal data, but that wasn’t what made me happy. For the great part I didn’t even know this germ was there inside, quietly interacting with my computer in some sort of forced symbiotic relationship. I liked this virus. I considered it a friend, and like all good friends I’d eagerly wait for it to visit. In this particular digital pathogens case that meant those special five minutes (always just five minutes) when it seized absolute control of my computer and demanded attention. I never knew when it would, it just would at seemingly random intervals sometimes months apart, and I was glad when it did.

Sadly I lost my little friend a year or so later when I bought a new computer and I have to say I missed it immediately. I missed what it did. I missed its irregular but always precisely on-time wake up call, and so on this 8th anniversary I will share the single thing this virus would do to my computer. There were no bells signaling that it’d awoken. There were no whistles or warnings at all. My screen would simply fade lazily to black then this message would ghost in, remain quietly for five minutes, and then disappear again. (Click to enlarge)


23 thoughts on “You are somewhere in-between.

  1. I suppose we just run around acting silly, believing silly things and try to make others believe them too.

    Could this be the shortest post you ever made? I actually read all of it. 🙂

    Perhaps you should change your OS to Linux. I never get any of those sweet little virusi.

    Oh, and you may not remember and I can’t find it. I had said something in response to you about going to Australia with my bikini and something else. I thought that was where you were from. Sorry. I will make my reservation for Brazil instead. 🙂

    And this is about the longest comment I ever made.


  2. John, when I started I was worried it was one of those long posts where you entertain and educate, only to find it ended as soon as it began with a sublime message. A message most people do not consider seriously since they are preparing for the next life


    • Amazing to think this was actually a virus. 100 million points to whoever wrote that code. I had another virus once back in Australia which coughed. Literally, it coughed through the speakers. i thought i was loosing my mind the first couple of times i heard it.


      • There was a virus that made my computer a waste on exam week in my fourth year in campus. It made all my documents .doc files, everything including music and since yours truly is not a programmer, I had to format the damn machine. Things have never been so fucked up like that day!


      • Oh, i know the feeling. I’ve had my fair share of bastard trojans that ruined everything. Kind of made me appreciate this friendly helpful philosophical virus even more 🙂


  3. I’ve never heard of such a thing! It’s a fantastic idea and one I think many people would appreciate. Then again, it’s too bad we have to be reminded of death in order to truly appreciate life.


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