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A bunch of assholes trying to prove shit



31 thoughts on “A bunch of assholes trying to prove shit

      • Dude I detest FB but your posts are making me more curious. Please invite me to your FB page. I’ll surrender to this CIA/NSA/KGB or any 3 letter security agency spying on your social activities, and get my eyes to see and debate with such bullshit.


      • Mike, my page is pretty much dead. i don’t post anything or do any updates. I do follow a bunch of other pages, three of which are really very good.

        Global Secular Humanist Movement
        Atheism, philosophy, and science.
        I fucking love science


  1. Who doesn’t love science? I spend money buying scientific books and DVDs more than you can imagine. I think my library in few years could be compared to that of ancient Alexandria/Egypt ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. i hope such people who write such when they want to send a message to their relatives living elsewhere they use smoke signals and when they go to hospital the doctor takes time to consult voodoo to tell them their problems


  3. I think it might be easier to prove the existence of “shit” than it is an invisible old magician in the sky. But what do I know? I’m just an asshole who appreciates science.


  4. BTW, if God really does exist then wouldn’t it behoove the believers to have science demonstrate this and in effect cut their nose off to spite their face. I would think they might enjoy seeing this. But of course that would have the expectation that believers were rational, thoughtful people and clearly, in this person’s case … well, you know.


  5. I… I…. don’t know what to say. Let my tears from laughing at this poster speak for themselves. You’d be improving the lot of all mankind if you were to share more of these!


      • I think they’re more like the zombies whose minds have been taken over by the aliens.

        The “sub-species” we were talking about has no loyalty to any religion or nation but they sure like manipulating others into such insane belief systems as “worship” and “patriotism”.

        If you think about it, those two diseases are pretty much the same.


  6. Haha! Hilarious. I actually do think that in some cases the vitriol is partly deserved. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Some science boosters have this little “thing” against religion (and vice versa of course). As a scientist I stay away from the silly arguments, which can basically be boiled down to “apples and oranges”. Wrote a post on what I believe is the real reason for the tension between the two, which I think will be there as long as both exist:


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