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Whistling In The Wind

In Ireland you must be 16 before you can join a political party. The thinking is that only at this age are people mature enough to make a conscious decision about something as important as politics. At a younger age they are not capable of rational thought or fully aware of the consequences of their actions. As children their parents will simply tell them what to do. Imagine if we treated religion the same? Imagine we said people must reach adulthood before they could become a member of a religion?

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  1. A topic that has been raised by several non believers.
    Going to be very difficult to implement without being accused of stamping on ‘religious freedom’ (an oxymoron if ever there was)
    There is also the issue that should the church etc agree they are tacitly admitting that there may be something dicey about what they’re selling.
    Imagine bibles with a government stamp:
    WARNING: This book contains scenes of gratuitous sex,general debauchery horrendous violence and lots of other naughty things. Reading this could cause severe long-term mental and emotional problems.


    • Ark, I agree with what you say, but there is grounds here to argue the case in a perfectly rational way. If some sort of action could be put together, something small, something local, county-sized, then there’s every chance the debate could leap onto a national stage. Talk shows love this shit.


      • “They”, (the imbiciles) are going to ask for an age-of-consent for truth, rationality, and science, in direct opposition to your stance, to protect the innocent from the “ugly truth”. I can see W. Disney smiling in his grave. Or, perhaps, and age-of-consent for the use or belief in magick? The truth is, it is up to the parents to guard their children from lies, superstitions, and believing in things that are untrue (like monsters, unicorns, angels, and gods). It is truly sickening that everyone has lost their minds due to main stream media, corporations, and a corrupt government. The real problem is, is that we need these idiot religious types to go fight and die in wars for the weak, near-sighted, and athletically inept progressives.


      • Oh, it’ll never happen (not officially) but just saying it should shifts the field toward a more rational place. This actually only really applies to the (southern) U.S and other deeply superstitious pockets of the earth like Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen… you get the idea. There is no longer a line distinguishing Islamists from evangelical Christians in the US. They’re brothers in Grade-A insanity.


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