62 thoughts on “Yahwehism in twenty words

  1. He was busy attending to the other galaxies, and since he exists out of space and time, he didn’t notice such a long period had passed.
    You may then add he also so ver 1.0 was bad sent ver 2.0 Islam then Joseph Smith did him in with his own version.
    I just like this story πŸ˜€


  2. Hey, he had a long “to do” list. Had to make all of those other galaxies, globular clusters, black holes, my gosh he worked up quite a sweat. And those damned quarks, had to make each and every one of them. Don’t know where that fool who wrote Genesis got a “day” here and a “day” there. And by the time he got back to Earth, the crown jewel of his creation, man had gotten up to fucking goats but not much farther. So, what’s a creator god supposed to do. So, he dressed up as his own son and pretended to be sacrificed to absolve all those sins that had been accumulated, so a “do-over” could begin.

    Sounds sensible to me. But I prefer the story of the Egyption gods who masturbated to bring all of the animals into being. At least there is some understanding of biology involved.


  3. He was in the Pub…sheesh you lot, don’t you know ANYTHING!

    Your ‘mate’ HumbleSmith has just posted a response.What a twat he is!
    He will close you down, btw, very quickly if he thinks his argument is threatened. I, naturally am banned from commenting.


    • I saw that… What sort of tosser would call himself “humble”? I believe that has to be conferred by others. And he has a set of ATOMIC blinkers. Doesn’t even know Exodus has been debunked. Facepalm.


  4. Wow, it took the big g that long to come up with a brand to market himself? Or, did it take that long to find a target audience?


    • Oh, I’m going with the target audience… brilliant! Illiterate goat herders in a desert so far removed from any and all cultural, scientific and political hotbeds of the day = PERFECT TARGET for some goldly tomfoolery!


      • I would imagine the premise being that Moses was brought up in Pharaoh’s courts and thus, able to read.
        One has to suppose that Moses was pretty handy with a stone chisel, even as an old geezer, and able to chisel out those commandments atop a freezing bloody mountain and all the while Yahweh just sat there drinking tea, I suppose?


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