Teach the Controversy



40 thoughts on “Teach the Controversy

  1. The problem is the evangelicals (or the pipe-bunnyists) think they can proof their view (its written in that book so what proof do you need on top :-)). The basic problem is that you cannot agree with them about what constitutes a proof. There is not even a basis for a controversy.


  2. I refuse to believe your heresy. The rabbit has red fur and is smoking a cigar: everybody knows that. It’s written in the our holy book, the Fur’an.
    Death to the infidel!


    • You’re a sect: an ill-gotten, erroneous, cancerous growth manipulated by the badger whose name shall not be spoken. Your book was fashioned from entrails of woodlice and smells like overcooked turnips. Repent. Repent and return to the Truth of the Pipe


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