81 thoughts on “Are you sure he said, “left at the big rock?”

  1. I was taught that God was punishing the Jews and he didn’t let them reach the promised land for 40 years because they kept on whining about how thirsty they were, etc.


  2. John, you missed some part of the desert besides there journey involved sacrifices, issuing of laws and delivery of manna. They definitely had to take a longer time.


  3. As a Greek, I have to say I find the drawing most inspiring. These sandals were made for walking! And what was wrong with good old Zeus leading the way anyway?


  4. Well as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single “oy!”.

    I do believe Macedonian troops were possibly easier to direct and steer. You know of course what ‘s the collective noun for – oh heck I’d better stop now!


  5. Interesting if you read the Declaration of Arbroath—what appears to be a throwaway grovel somewhere near the front (from memory).

    As for the routes—IF it actually happened: is it not possible that the Beloved Leader was trying to rid his flock of dross? Two generations would be quite adequate with the right ‘tutors’, to decontaminate and bend a few minds. A wee bit of mental ‘ethnic cleansing’ in fact (ethic-cleansing?) (ye gods).


  6. I understand the point but it’s diluted by the fact that A. the Great came much later and had better developed technology and transport. Plus he probly used some of the highways, roads, trails, and maps said Jews put in place before he got there. And had them to rob for food, shelter, supplies, slaves and sex. So it’s a good thing for him they didn’t give up and were there when he needed help killing the world.


    • Interesting that you brought this up…. there isn’t a single reference of Alexander fighting Jews. He was most definitely fighting someone, you need only read the story of Tyre, but it sure wasn’t the Jews. Where were they? They claim a connection with the land, and yet it wasn’t them defending it against the Macedonians….


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