84 thoughts on “Meet the Supreme Council of A-theists

  1. My kiddo started telling me she was an atheist at 9 years old, and when I asked her when and how she knew, she said she was born that way. She, without trying, was the main factor that finally moved me off the fence from my ambivalent agnosticism.


  2. I hate the emotional blackmail that’s used against parents that causes them to try and force their children into a particular religion.


  3. I think the fact that my two older children have a very healthy attitude toward religion, despite attending a Church of England school who are quite staunch with their bible- bashing, is testament that I am a good parent and that I still have control. However, despite my own staunch efforts to stop them being brainwashed, my middle son in particular has struggled a little with the idea that actually the world wasn’t created in six days. He is only 6 though. I think if my three children can get through this experience unscathed and untouched (euww!)by the word of god then I know that will be able to deal with much in their lives.


    • I bet you’d make (have been/are being) a great mum, my supernal friend!

      Schools can be the tricky part, but I think I got very lucky with the colleges I attended. The Carmelite nuns resembled witches in their nunnery housed in the woods, so as a young kid I avoided that coven with great gusto. The Augustinian priests were atheists, although they never admitted it… not in so many words. Religion was never an issue.


      • I love the imagery you evoke in my tiny little head John, it makes it such a pleasure to stop by your, whatever space you occupy within the blogoshpere 🙂 Lucky for you that The Augustinian priests were secret unbelievers. Unlucky for me I have to put up with the BS my kid’s come home with after a day at religious-school (they tone it down a bit because they have to follow the national curriculum, therefore they have to consider that there is another reality extant outside of their six-day-wonder of a bubble). It does mean that I’m left with having to re-brainwash them with common sense more often than I would like.


    • That’s exactly the way i described it in some earlier post! Except i didn’t say religion, rather, returned to the point of my departure and seemed to know it for the first time.

      This message really drives theists nuts.


  4. I don’t really get this – could we not just as easily call them the supreme council of a-linguists? Theism is natural, you just have to grow into it. 🙂 (I’m disappointed PeW didn’t have a proper go – he’s lost all will to be irritatingly pedantic since Ark disappeared!)


  5. In Theo we no hang Zeus we trust? Nope…not quite….in Neil we trust? Eh…..nah….oh no…I’ve got it…in Dog we trust! Nah too bestial….ok wait a minute….in Goat we trust! Yes that’s more like it – hang on too German….that’s Got not goat…..oh yeah….uh….what then? In Good we trust….oh I don’t know I give up!


  6. They get about them there Rabbis. Yeah apparently they pay a ton for those hats, custom made and the pride of every Rabbi and his jewish community! Aren’t Roos just overgrown rabbits?


  7. May I just post this here for 5 minutes or until however long you want to keep it. Has nothing to do with a reply to this cute post. But somehow I copied it and I want to dispose of it and I just can’t find a dump. It is stuck in my clipboard and promises to stay there until someone accepts it and is more capable or mature to handle it. I am breaking out in a sweat and a rash. Haven’t been well and do not need a relapse.

    Pope Francis has expressed his “closeness to the families of all who died in the Oklahoma tornado,” with special concern for “those who lost young children.”


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