Religion Vs. Science



36 thoughts on “Religion Vs. Science

  1. I thought the Big G invented rotating winds and stuff?
    Or am I missing something here—how often do I have to keep saying this: “Root cause”?


    • There you’re in luck…. Apologists abhor infinity so you can do what they do and simply stop the count (for no apparent reason) and insert your particular gods name. Try Velles, he rocks!


  2. Religion vs. Science ??

    That’s no contest !

    Both Religion and Science are products of the human mind, and Religion sprang forth a long time before Science happened.

    Religion stayed put while Science has allowed allowed us (well, at least some of us) to progress past all the superstitious nonsense and do such things as make footprints on the moon and develop the Salk vaccine for polio while Religion still looks to mythical extraterrestrial, supernatural solutions to our needs.

    Science is my religion and Carl Sagan is my profit.


  3. You don’t understand: these people were meant to die, being all sinners and deserving of the wrath of God. And then those damn scientists just go and warn them. Only the faithful should be saved. The Lord won’t fail the next time.
    (Disclaimer for anyone reading this who doesn’t know me: no, I’m not a religious nut, I’m being funny. Just thought I’d make it clear.)


    • So, the people who survived, but should have died, will now die in some other even more terrible manner… like under the feet of an elephant stampede? I suppose Gawd has to prove a point 😉

      (you don’t need a disclaimer, David… I’ll always have your back here)


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