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    • Wise. The Judaic creation myth is stolen, anyway, from Zoroastrianism where Adam and Eve are named Mashya and Mashyana. Now, you’d think having a script to work off they’d do some necessary editing to make it a little more logically sound… But, Oh no!


  1. One of your best, John.
    I was reading a post yesterday (Christian, naturally) where this same subject was raised oddly enough and the author was at pains to point out that incest was only prohibited by God much later. I wish I could remember the link. I laughed like a drain.


  2. I once pointed out to a couple of female Jehovah’s Witnesses who came to my door proselytizing that if the bible was the inerrant word of God and Adam and Eve were the first of human creation, then when Cain ultimately ran into his wife after being cast out of their post-Eden location she would have had to been a blood relative.

    Evidently they had been faced with this question before and were willing to accept that God allowed incest in this case to populate the earth. I then went on to point out a few more blatant errors with their “word of God” and they begged off but promised they would come back to answer my questions. That was about a year ago.


    • Thank the Zoroastrians, it was their idea. Double-thanks to the proto-Israelite’s who didn’t have the creative or intellectual nuance to see the silliness and change it after they pilfered the story 😉


  3. Click . . . guffaw! Not only that but the remaining two boys went off to the land of Nod to find wives. WTF? Those other women must have been made by another God, so we have been worshiping the wrong guy ever since!


  4. Couple people pointed this out already, but yeah, Cain gets banished to Nod, a city already settled. By whom? Doesn’t say… Were those people created by God? Doesn’t say… Were they other offspring of Adam and Even that just said fuck it let’s make our own city? Doesn’t say… Biblical literalism at its best!!


  5. If we suspend disbelief and accept that Adam and Eve lived somewhere in the Middle East (which I know is untrue/utter fantasy that they lived at all), then why is everyone in the poster appear what is commonly termed “White”?


      • Naturally they are white, since the Abrahamic god is a perfect being and made Adam in his image. Who could imagine a white male is not the peak example of perfectness? I mean we have invented such glorious stuff as colonialism, holocaust and bombers and such necessary things as sportscars. It makes perfect sense inside the story, that the people today are so flawed, because they have been inbread again and again very badly in the beginning. It was only through the fact that Adam (and Eve along him) was made in the image of perfectness, so from their perfect genes there could be some downgrading through intensive inbreeding by their offspring, whithout the entire species to die out. Allthough, even if this explains anything, it certainly does not look too good for the alledged intelligence of the designer, does it?

        On the other hand, if the story is true, the claims about the intelligence of the designer are based only on rather – well, let’s face it – clumsy and awkward revelations from this designer “himself” and on the evaluation of the designer and these silly and obviously erroneous revelations by these inbred idiots of our species still suffering from such failures made by the designer as sin and the devil.


      • Funny how the teleological (watchmaker) argument for god was presented in any seriousness considering the creation myth of the story (which it seeks to justify) is so insanely illogical… the exact opposite of a well-design system/watch.

        Then again, are you suggesting sports cars AREN’T the work of god? Filthy heathen!

        BTW, what’s up with this? Sorry, no English translation. The banner says it all


      • Whow, yes, the Finnish evangelicals support Israel fiercely. I mean, it has become some sort of dogma for them, that what ever Israleli politicians and military does, it must be justified, because – god…

        I guess there are several reasons totally off topic to your post, but just to name few, the evangelical Christians are a rather small but vocal minority in Finland and they seem to feel they have been pressed by the majority. This of course is a sign of the end times, because as they remember Finland used to be almost homogenously Lutheran country, just few decades ago, but when it became optional, the churhc has been on a rapid and increasing decline of memberships and now the Lutheran state church has done the abominable and accepted women as priests and are not too loudly against gays, or anything. Hence, naturally, the evangelical loonies think the end times must be here and there is some important role Israel must play in order for them to recieve their promised paradise. Then there is the blue and white flag of a small country under pressure by eastern un-Christian neighbours and all that…

        I must say, I find it appaling, that when the Israeli military murdered some UN soldiers in 2006 among whom was a Finnish military inspector, the Evangelicals in this country immideatly started to come up whith excuses for the Israeli conduct.

        On the other hand since there have been so many Finns serving in that particular crisis, it gets harder and harder for them to excuse the arrogance of Israelis towards the UN.


      • Arrogance to all other nations, for that matter. The sheer disregard they showed by forging passports from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada was beyond disturbing. They wilfully endangered the lives of Australian citizens by this blatant criminal action… and never even apologised! They broke every international law and literally thumbed their noses at peaceful nations. That’s inexcusable.


      • Well, there is this notion in Israel, that never again shall the Jewish people be opressed by others, like they used to be for centuries. Combine that whith the fact that as a people they have a religion, that declares them to have the birhtright of being chosen by the creator entity of the universe and suddenly all the other people may appear as “untermensch”.

        Now, I know that the comparrison to nazies may be harsh, but segragation of races is essentially nazism. Oh, the misery, that the people who suffered most terribly of the violence of the nazies is now oppressing others in the very same fashion. What is the “ultimate solution” to the “Palestinian problem”? Drive them all away – perhaps to Madagasgar? And what, if that fails?

        The relationship between the Jews and evangelical Christians is a curious one though. Both are trying to exploit the other and both are certain that the same god is not only justifying it, but down right telling them to do so, in order to run trhough some divine plan this god is seemingly unable to complete on his own powers. Interresting concept, that both sides have to act as if these were their best buddies, when it is only very selfish self interrest, that really drives this co-operation. Interresting is also how the god is percieved both all-mighty, but seemingly unable to act whithout humans workin for a goal set by this god.


      • The levels of insanity being practiced here is difficult to comprehend. This is beyond simple willful ignorance. The Israelis acting no differently to the Nazi’s is clear proof of that, and you’re right to point it out. It’s a dangerous and destructive (and ultimately violent) delusion.The sooner we classify this type of ludicrous behaviour as a mental illness the better for all concerned.


      • Life is just a cline of delusional beliefs John, just depends on which ones you like the sound of the best. Being that any notion of sober truth is based on the lies… oops!… sorry metaphors/stories that we tell ourselves and others, and that the transfer of information is predominantly linguistic, and given that any verbal communication, verbal or non is at best are highly subjective then as said, take your pick, any one, everyone’s a winner!
        Granted some ‘truths’ are slightly more beneficial than others, but one man’s truth is not necessarily another man’s truth, nor is it necessarily that beneficial to said man. Language you see makes salesmen of us all. Pedlars of our own personal wares, explicitly belief systems.


      • I haven’t seen it yet. It’s good to know that my logic has legs though, even if you agree with it vicariously through a film, expressed as a sense of honesty. I’ll take what ever I can get JZ!


  6. I can hear Don Lafontaine’s gravelly voiceover for the trailer:

    In a time… when your mother is the only female on earth… two men filled with desire… coming soon.


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