Sketches on Atheism

I Am “God”

tumblr_n15x0r9q3S1ruwv4vo1_1280I am “God.”

I choose to be invisible and inaudible. I give off no odour and have no perceptible taste. I generate no heat signature, produce no electromagnetic field and provoke no resonance at any frequency. I cannot be detected with any instrument, and no measurement of any natural phenomena has ever indicated my presence. My influence cannot be inferred from any secondary observation, no earthly geological record speaks of my intervention, and no examination of any biological or astronomical system has ever alluded to my agency. I am massless. I displace neither liquids, solids, gas nor plasma. I have no perceptible gravitational effect on anything, and no disturbance in the fabric of spacetime suggests I’d once moved through any region of the cosmos. I’m omnipotent, but I take enormous care not to exercise my supernatural powers while anyone is watching. I take even more care to erase all traces of my work. I’m also omniscient, so I know if anyone is watching, and know precisely how they’ll look for signs of my work in the future.

You can’t prove this wrong.

You can choose to believe me, or you can choose to reject my claim.

Believing me makes it possible to explain ANYTHING. No more mysteries. “I did it. I did it all, even that great parking spot in the pouring rain last Tuesday.”

To make it interesting, if you believe me, I’ll give you twice your annual salary every month, for the rest of your life, starting a year from now. On top of this I’ll deliver an equal amount to be donated to your favourite charity. If you don’t believe me, in one year I’ll inflict a torture of my choosing on you: you’ll be crippled and lose all chance of employment, or one of your children will get sick and suffer terribly before dying.

Do you believe me?

Probably not. The incentives (both positive and negative) aren’t a good reason to believe anything. The explanatory powers of my claim also aren’t a good reason to believe me. The fact that you don’t have any reason to not believe me isn’t a good reason to believe me, either. You should only believe me if there is evidence for my claim.

You shouldn’t believe me.

Some people will, however, believe. They’ll believe because they want it to be true. They want the explanatory power of it. They want the promise of reward to be true. They want to be taken care of, loved, parented, and told that the entire universe was created just so they could be here, reading this, right now.


*adapted from Existential Atheism



239 thoughts on “I Am “God”

  1. Hello John…

    Your blog is truly outstanding ..
    It has been a while since I last came across such a remarkable site..

    As to your posts I found it brilliant very witty…

    I wonder if the fact of talking in first person as if you were God may be related to a sort of unceasing superiority complex, though 😉

    Best wishes to you,

    Aquileana 😀


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