Sketches on Atheism


    • Thanks Victoria. Now, your task as our resident neurological expert is to ascertain the defensive mechanisms humans have invented and deployed so as to “not see” the truth of this world and our Creator.


      • “resident neurological expert”

        Haha, you are too generous.

        “to ascertain the defensive mechanisms humans have invented and deployed so as to “not see” the truth of this world and our Creator.”


    • Oh dear, you’re going to be invited trouble there, Larry 🙂 Of course, it’ll come in handy when someone ever approaches you and say’s they’d like to talk to you about the Lord. You can now tell them you know the “truth” and would like to return the favour 😉


      • yes those are my thoughts. a vigorous discussion occasionally brings understanding. But I have found many have to be spoon fed, a small bite at a time, before they can fully enjoy the nourishment being provided.

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  1. nice monologue from a deistic god. an ‘apology’ or explanation if you like. I enjoyed reading and seeing it this am. please post more often if you can.


    • Hi Mike (Brandy), this was actually the original ending to the book I just released. Icon is up on the top right. It’s a parody of 20th Century natural theology works. If you’re up for a giggle, and a few awkward moments, give it a read. The print version is easier on the eye 🙂


  2. I saw where you’d said you had a book coming out over on Vi’s post. Love the original ending. It’s a good teaser for the book even if it’s been removed.

    Does this mean you’ll be posting here more regularly? *fingers crossed*


  3. Seems redundant effort, me ‘like’ing this … you knew, didn’t you, even before the Creation; which makes anything I choose to do (especially spontaneously)—

    —bugger. I think I’ll go chase my tail for a while … but you knew that too … tell me, will I ever catch it?


  4. Lux vobiscum?

    Is that it?

    Is that your very last word—first word; bugger last shall be first and first shall be last, ergo godito sum … eeeek …


    there, that amens it all.


  5. I knew before I had even finished the first sentence, that this post was yet another stellar example of an atheism-induced hallucination!

    Imagine, the atheist spending as much time learning about real reality instead of hallucinating alternate ones.

    It`s easy if you try.

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    • SOM, so wonderful to see you! I was beginning to think you’d left us. You might have missed the whole point of this post though. You see, I’m now of the opinion there is, in fact, a Creator. You were right all along, my strange and baffling compatriot. The Creator exists! It’s just not the Creator you’d hoped for. Buy the book, hit the cover icon up top on the right, and you’ll see what i mean.


  6. Ha, a book by a blogger buddy. It’s been bought and sent to my kindle so that it can lull me to sleep when I read the poetry you have prepared for me. Congrats John!

    Your apologetic god reminds me of a well known song by a french bard Francis Cabrel. He wrote about God who came back to see his creation, the one where he taught people to share and planted enough flowers for every girl. It goes all haywire and his last words are: ” God who sits on the edge of the world, weeps as he sees how it turned out” .

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  7. Looking forward to reading the book John ! It’s nice that the animals will benefit from it. It’s also nice the animals don’t have to do mental gyrations about God. 🙂 But maybe they do have to concerning their caregivers. LOL

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