26 thoughts on “An amputee?

  1. JZ,

    you need to stop with this ribald attack on our magical father & Co.. This whole using real-world assertions to stuff up claims of religious awesomeness must cease at once. đŸ™‚

    Feelings could be hurt and less auspiciously it might make SOM talk more – and I think we can all get behind the idea that that, in any form, is a “bad-thing”.

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  2. Alright apart from burning some incense, sacrificing a lamb to the gods in order that I gain understanding, and literally almost making some toast to get this, I think I may have come to the knowledge of that of which you speak. I will continue to meditate on thy words.

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  3. But I do wonder, when the picture of ‘Jesus’ appears on toast, how do people know it is Jesus? The Biblical descriptions of Jesus are very sketchy at best. They are only really in the Book of Revelation and are very figurative.

    Perhaps it is someone else they are seeing?

    The Bible accounts suggests that the disciples struggled to recognise Jesus when he appeared after the Resurrection.

    I always pondered how it was on the mount of Transfiguration that the Apostle Peter recognised Moses and Elijah. How did he know what they looked like? Perhaps Elijah looked like John the Baptist, though the Bible can’t seem to decide is he was John the Baptist or not.

    I heard of two people having separate near death experiences where they saw Jesus. They concluded it must be true as they both said Jesus had blue eyes. I am guessing Jesus got his blue eyes from his ‘dad’ not his mother given I doubt blue eyes were much in vogue in Jewish people of those days.


    • Ah, that’s Evangelical Jesus… Quite dashing for a Norwegian-Palestinian.

      It has always fascinated me, though, that there doesn’t exist a single physical description. You would expect at least one person to have made a passing note.


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