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      • In principle the Jews have to kinds of commands. One between man and man, it can be understood by modern man, and one between man and God, and these are unexplainable. This one is of the second kind.

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      • john-
        You would be pleased to know I watched this for your sake, and I must say, on a pure comedic level, he may have scored some points with people who need a laugh about serious topics, but regarding any credibility the man may think he has regarding the scriptures……..I can say with certainty: he has none.

        I love how men pretend to know more than the God they speak of, and it is rather sad that ‘MY BOOK,’ or ‘MY PEOPLE,’ was used as a stand up act.

        Seven days eh? Yep, only a fool would believe such a thing right…. but it takes more of a fool to dismiss it. Atheism is pure gold in this category.

        It’s all in Genesis, and he can lead his audience and you down the trail of laughter, but at the end of the day, you are left with what the scriptures present in the very first verse: space, time, matter.

        NO OTHER source reveals so much in so little. Time is irrelevant to He who owns the clock.

        Mr Black in his attempt at humor, only reveals himself as anti God, and anti Jewish toward the seed of Abraham who are believers. And by the way, he has no explanation for the jews who see both Old and New testaments as two sides of the coin, where there is nothing but perfect harmony. Law and grace, perfectly revealed.

        There have been chief rabbis of Europe who belief in the Christ as Messiah, understand creation in seven days, and know Paul as a great man of God. This comedy act should be embarrassing to a thinking man.

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  1. Damn, you sent this out (by accident) earlier and I had a reply and now I can’t remember it … wait … my electronic djinni recalls … here it is!

    “How about “men and women are equal in My eyes” or “a crime against any other is a crime against Me” or “wash your hands after taking a dump, trust me, it is worth it” or “ether makes a great general anesthetic”? How about a little real help here?”

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      • i grew up in kansas, ate meat of all kinds including veal. but i had a conversation with a korean taxi driver in Seoul on the way to KimPo airport in ’88 about bout food traditions and how the korean government was going to sanitize the capital city of dog meat eating just before tourists came for the Olympics. told him westerners would never see eating Boshintang (dog soup) or Kaegogi (dog meat) as anything but disgusting and abnormal.
        he told me koreans feel the same about Veal. i never ate it again after considering the fact that they are baby cows and the way they are raised. i’ve never had lamb for the4 same reason and now have been vegetarian for a year since january 2015

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      • I’m heading that way. Have drastically cut down on all meat over the last few years as I simply can’t justify it in concert with the more I learn about its production. I seriously hope synthetic meat takes off. It could be, in our lifetime, the end of industrial meat production… and that cannot be a bad thing.

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  2. The trouble with injunctions is that the message behind it is lost. I mean the symbolic aspect of it. When I was still a believer (but in a wavering faith, looking to step away from biblical literal meaning), I saw an appeal to compassion as well as a possible health benefit behind that commandment. You can’t boil milk long enough to cook meat in it i don’t think. There is to my mind a serious cruelty in killing a life in a liquid that is intended by nature to feed it.
    I suspect it was a ‘taboo’ long before Deuteronomy.

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  3. I love the first sentence of Deuteronomy 14:21: Ye shall not eat of anything that dieth of itself: thou shalt give it unto the stranger that is in thy gates, that he may eat it; or thou mayest sell it unto an alien: for thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God.

    That’s right, if you love your neighbor, why not serve him meat from an animal that has died from natural or unnatural causes? Yeah, that’s a good idea!

    Or even better, why not sell that kind of meat to strangers and earn some money? Yeah, an even better idea!

    At least you can/should do so as long as the meat doesn’t stink.

    On the other hand, religion stinks (in itself). Especially if you listen to God’s advice to the Jews, His chosen people, in Deutoronomy.

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  4. Here’s another very important quote from the Bible, one few have ever read: “HEY! Peter! I said NO jalapenos on my taco. Do you want me to get indigestion before my big speech on the mount? Good God, get the crap outta yer friggin’ ears, will ya?!” Jesus to Peter, Matthew, 45: 23-29

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  5. It is all about that the human should restrain their acts. Like the modern psychology says, good parenthood is about putting limits to the child. It is to put restriction to your acts, even some completely unexplainable and irrational restrictions. God to believers is like father to his children.


    • As John noted, slavery is not what you have claimed it to be in the bible. Now, I am left to think that either you are ignorant of your bible, or you have intentionally tried to convince us that the bible says something it does not.

      If such nonsensical laws were just put into confound believers and say “restrain yourself”, rather than just saying “restrain yourselves”, why does this god approve of what are horrible things, like genocide? Why is there no “restrain yourselves” then? Why does this god participate in such things.

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      • If you got the feeling that I speak from the position of believer so you are mistaken. Bible is, or at least the old testament is a magnificent product of a small tribe, that amazingly succeeded to create a cultural icon, without which today the humanity have difficulty to imagine itself. Still it was a product of a small group of ingenious individuals, who collected, edited and rewrote some ancient folk stories, castoms, legal order laws, historical stories, mythological stories, poetry, ethics, assays about morality, and above all philosophical assays about all mighty Omnipotent God, who has changed from one page of the book to the other from a personal tribal God to an universal God, who can be worshiped by anybody, whatever is his nationality, or tribal belonging. The humans all over the world, who are longing to a all mighty superfather, who is in one hand demanding and punishing, on the other hand merciful and loving, will find in the biblical text the perfect tool to satisfy their need. In our modern times, the educated self sufficient individuals, who don’t need anymore tribal belonging, and not a strong handed father to coordinate their life, can do without the message of the bible, but still there are many out there, who miss the supercoordinator and its manual for life, the bible.

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      • If you are not a believer, then you are amazingly ignorant about the bible, for all of your claims. Your ignorance is very much like the typical Christian. If you are not believer, you may wish to actually read the bible and not repeat the lies of Christians.


      • What do you mean? I still don’t get it. These are legal issues arranging the life between man and man and man and his God. Some chapters are about property issues, others are manual for ordinary life relevant at the time. Since they worked in agriculture, the instructions are about it. No mystery or prophecy in there. If a manual, kind what you got with any modern equipment you purchase today was included in the scriptures it would surprise me. But nothing of this kind you have in the bible. A simple orders, relevant for their way of life, even if sometime very obscure, without any logically explainable reason. But if you have faith in God, you are not looking for logical justification which is a human tool for perceiving the reality.


      • I get what you’re saying Eugen. You’re not looking at the Pentateuch as any revealed “word of god,” rather a collection of very human odds and ends (some to do with day-to-day living, some to do with the Hebrews perceived relationship with their tribal god) but all specific to the time, which is why it often sounds so silly to our modern ears. I think Club thought you an apologist defending the books edicts, which you are, but not from a faith angle, rather an anthropological/historical angle. Is that right?

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      • What club means is beyond my capacity to comprehend. I understand that he wants to have an argument for the argument itself. Of course I knew that the limited slavery was implemented against Jews only and i didn’t mention it precisely. So what? After all it was only a comment and not an academic paper. Otherwise you are right about my standpoint being historical, anthropological, etc. and not out of faith.

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      • You have offered your Jewishness as an excuse for not knowing that the bible says other things about slavery than what you have claimed. You apparently thought the other parts were in the New Testament since you mentioned it. In that the parts about slavery in the bible aren’t in the NT, but in the OT, your claims of Jewishness should make it more likely you know the OT and that you should know that your claims are wrong. Why is it that you have claimed that slaves were only held 7 years when that is not true?

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  6. Damn, there goes my party menu for tomorrow’s Super Bowl! Guess I’ll have to serve wine-stewed goat instead… accented with fresh rosemary, accompanied with roasted red potatoes and grilled asparagus spears. Goat milk vanilla ice cream for dessert?

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  7. Well its few thousand years old when supertistion was all they had.
    Remember few centuries ago science was steeped in alchemy and wise chemists believed in the Elixir of life.
    Mind you they are on its track again with anti- aging research, but I expect it will give the elite the secret of eternal rule. I cant see it being lovingly applied to the impoverished African.

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      • But you and I cannot stop progress fortunately, nature can and probably will. We face an antibiotic aplocalpse due very shortly and dire weather changes. Nature equipped the human race and all living things to survive and we cannot alter that.
        Survival of the fittest; and bacteria are in the race as well, along with the rat.
        We survived the black death at enormous cost in population, without antibiotics.

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  8. Wait! You mean that is more important than…

    “If there is a fight between two men and the wife of one tries to help her husband by grabbing the genitals of the other man, then you shall cut off her hand. You shall have no pity.” —- Deuteronomy 25:11-12!!!???


    P.S. This passage has been edited and modified a few different times over the ages. LOL

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  9. The obvious question is why did Yahweh wait until after they had boiled the goat in it’s mother’s milk before issuing such an edict.

    And why did Yahweh not issue a similar edict against slavery for example?
    Strikes me as a bit of a capricious bastard, not to mention off his frakking rocker.


  10. John, it is obvious you are only complaining against this, yet a nother, arbitrary command from the divine authority, as achieved by this god by might makes right logic, simply because you want to sin and eat – what was that? – A goat boiled in it’s mothers milk.

    Seriously though, it would actually be interresting to learn why was this idea so important to the dudes who wrote it down and felt it was important enough to be repeated over and over again as an edict from their deity. That is, if we would for a moment assume there is none what so ever in any way objective evidence, that it is an actual command from any deity, or even that any deities, or at very least anything at all exists, that we could honestly call supernatural. Or is there?

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  11. It is good we know the serious issues. Wouldn’t want to leave mankind in a bad way not knowing these very important things. Though “boil thy surgical instuments” might have been better. Or “Look thee amongst the mold in thy bread for cures for your ailments.” Would have been nice. “Cover thy mouth when thouest cougheth” would have been timely. No end to the actual important issues that could have been covered, but strangely were not. How about that?

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