Sketches on Atheism

Some gratuitous self-promotion


103 thoughts on “Some gratuitous self-promotion

    • Hi my learned Irish friend! Interesting articles, and I agree. Belief in something grander (perhaps something unseen) is delicious on many, many personal levels, and pure Humanism won’t quench that in many, many people. We’re an imaginative lot, and existential death anxiety is very real. Let’s be brutally honest: the Abrahamic religions are nonsense, Aesop’s Tales have far more wisdom than the OT and NT put together, but as these antique religions wane I have a feeling our species will come to embrace things like panpsychism. I see real benefit in that. Gone is the displacement of responsibility which comes with some external overseer, and that can only ever be a positive thing. Buddhists are, in essence, panpsychists; they’re atheists, but spiritual, so the two are not mutually exclusive. Apologists like to try and claim sole dominion over the nebulous thing we call spiritual, but that can’t be logically defended.

      Curious, where are you on the sliding scale?

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    • Thanks. I don’t, however, see atheism as some sort of intellectual one upmanship, rather a reflection on a person’s interest in the world around. I can be interested in art, for example, but utterly horrid at it. Honesty also comes into it, and to be honest (genuinely honest) takes emotional courage, not intellect.

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