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Hello my lovelies! (and Ark)

Quick note just to say I’m popping out of the blogging world for a bit—Few months.

As a few of you already know, I have super human blood. To those of you who didn’t, I’m sure you have long-suspected something of the like. And so, yes, it’s true. A wonderful little genetic mutation deep inside my genome has transformed my marrow into a production house for this superhuman blood. Now, there are enormous upsides to having this super-blood if you happen to be, say, a mountain climber.  There are also downsides, and one is that ordinary human bodies (hand down, Ark) and superhuman blood sometimes get into a bit of a confused muddle.

My body is presently in a confused muddle.

Nothing too bad, not Reaper-summoning, but godawfully painful.

OK, I know I haven’t posted anything for ages (sorry), but jumping into your comments pages can be a carnival of fun. The Blogosphere is, hands down, the best platform there is for sharing thoughts and calling the odd dickhead, a Dickhead.

This is most certainly not Goodbye to blogging, but I really do need to withdraw from a few after school activities. Things turning as they should, when that ghastly orange stain of a human being is gone, the White House has been disinfected and the world is starting to return to some sense of normalcy, some sense shared humanity, I will return… With gifts. Yes, gifts. I promise. (Ark, we’ll need to talk about this part privately, Okay?)

So, I’m going dark, but not black. You won’t see me in the blogosphere, but you can always reach me on email,

Cao for now you gorgeous [non-superhuman blood] humans.


(and I’m taking this opportunity to finally grow a beard—Looking pretty Santa Clausy)

31 thoughts on “Interval

  1. Sorry to hear of your illness, my friend. Get all the rest you need, and when you dream, dream of SoM and some of the grand and glorious statements that came out of his keyboard and onto our blogs. It’ll make ya smile. Take care, brother.

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  2. Get well … stay well. We’ll breathlessly await your return.

    P.S. I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with your remarks some time back related to a possible episode with the nasty virus … !

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  3. Oh my John. I had no idea. Grrrr, this is the one part about cyber-friendships or virtual friendships—similar to all those great A.I. movies of impersonal, insensitive, Ex Machinas 😉 —that I have an aversion to with wonderful, intelligent human beings like yourself. 😟

    Do take good care my Aussie-Brazilian Friend and hurry back. Your delightful wit and intellect will definitely be missed around WordPress. Glad to know that nothing “Reaper-summoning” is involved! 😍👍🏼

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  4. I wish you all good and health. And I will occasionally pray for you (maybe it will help 🙂 ) as well. But anyway I hope you will receive the treatment your condition requires. Hopefully we will welcome you back soon!

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  5. Sorry to hear that, John. Wishing you deep and revitalizing serenity during your break from the blogging. Ooh, gifts; I’ll hold you to that. 🙂

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  6. Damn … and here I was, thinking you Aussies were bulletproof. (A beard? When I tried I had to give up after three days—kept tripping over it …)

    Good luck and good health, JZ—looking forward to your return.

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  7. Dear John, it’s me again. I have just read again your essay on The Greatest Religious Question Never Answered aloud to Jeannie. It is such a good essay. You must return to this place! Please take care and heal yourself completely!

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  8. I will not be sending “thoughts and prayers,” like a fucking Republican, but I will be anxiously awaiting your “All clear!” announcement. Get through this John Zande, the world is a much better place with you in it!

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  9. Oh, so sorry to read you’re not feeling well, JZ.

    There’s a saying here i Sweden that “whom the gods love dies young”.

    I can only hope you’re not too young and that God will understand his love for you is not reciprocal, not even the least, and therefore will soon lose interest in sending his Reaper in your way.

    In my view you are as brilliant as Christopher Hitchens. And as kind to animals as Saint Francis of Assisi once was. The Internet will never be the same without you.

    The best of Get well soon wishes from me, dear Internet friend. (I’ve informed the Swedish King you’re not feeling well. His consort, Queen Silvia, lived in Brazil, like you, before she moved to Sweden in 1976.)

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  10. Dudes with beards are a different breed and after a while you will look more like one of the guys from ZZ Top, than Santa. Keep it moisturized with coconut oil and it will grow faster and smell good. I am curious why in the world you care Donald Trump is the President of the USA since you don’t even live here. And if I had to put an analogy on who is better, Bidden or Trump, electing Bidden over Trump because you don’t like Trump would be like…I don’t like walking so I’ll just cut my feet off. I don’t expect a reply since no one else got one, so, rest in peace John. My prayer is God bless you and all those you love, including those four-legged pups. All your fancy words on the Internet doesn’t come close to the good you did at home with your family and the rescues and the love you give them. Your legacy doesn’t live in the “blogging” world. It lives at home, in your community and the good you do. Hugs and kisses from Texas, USA.


  11. What a wonderful but sad farewell (temporarily) John. I have learned much from your essays and look forward to your return when the healing is complete. Be safe my friend.


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