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Sketches on Atheism

The Failure of the Christian Narrative

The Christian narrative states that a maximally powerful, maximally good, all-knowing aseitic being consciously created everything, including man who short-circuited shortly after. This failure resulted in the immediate separation of all earthly things, including man, from the Creator: the Middle Eastern deity named, Yhwh. The objective of life, according to the Christian narrative, is to … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

David McDonnough: The Best/Worst Christian Apologist in America

The author of Applied Faith, David McDonnough, is the living embodiment of why today the evangelical brand is toxic… and for that, I salute him. The product of an American Bible school masquerading as a “University,” his often hate-filled, factually laughable, scientifically-illiterate, mean spirited, aggressively absurd right-wing articles are a blazing beacon for why 280,000 … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

Learning from Dogs

Fellow blogger and lover of animals, Paul Handover, has published a stunning book which should sit on everyone’s coffee table: Learning from Dogs: Innate Wisdom From Man’s Best Friend. Below is my Amazon review, and I would encourage everyone to click on the photo, purchase the book, and absorb it… Truly absorb it. Proceeds from the book also … Continue reading