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Sketches on Atheism

Kadesh Barnea, Gaza, & The Exodus

The Jewish origin tale recounted in the Pentateuch is a work of geopolitical fiction. This is the uncontested consensus of biblical archaeologists and bible scholars. It has been the consensus position amongst professionals for nearly three generations now, but as the Chief Archaeologist at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, Professor Magen Broshi, explained: “Archaeologists simply do not … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

The Failure of the Christian Narrative

The Christian narrative states that a maximally powerful, maximally good, all-knowing aseitic being consciously created everything, including man who short-circuited shortly after. This failure resulted in the immediate separation of all earthly things, including man, from the Creator: the Middle Eastern deity named, Yhwh. The objective of life, according to the Christian narrative, is to … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

David McDonnough: The Best/Worst Christian Apologist in America

The author of Applied Faith, David McDonnough, is the living embodiment of why today the evangelical brand is toxic… and for that, I salute him. The product of an American Bible school masquerading as a “University,” his often hate-filled, factually laughable, scientifically-illiterate, mean spirited, aggressively absurd right-wing articles are a blazing beacon for why 280,000 … Continue reading