Sketches on Atheism

Mischievous genius

Ever wondered what mischievous genius looks like? Eyes left. This is Dr. Maarten Boudry, a research fellow at Ghent University’s Department of Philosopy & Moral Sciences, and although I’m nearly two years late in on this story, he’s my new hero. In one finely tuned act of disciplined madness this magnificent package of humanist kickass demonstrated … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

Listen up, Christians; I gonna learn ya’ somethin ’bout Personhood-hood

A woman’s unencumbered, secular right to make decisions concerning her own body. That’s where the subject of contraception/abortion begins and ends with rational human beings. It proceeds no further. There is no debate, and there certainly is no controversy. The Christian right are not, however, rational human beings. Like their fundamentalist Muslim brothers they forfeited … Continue reading

The Secularists Playbook

The Secularists Playbook: Part 2, the Courtroom

Like all good daydreams this one concludes in triumph and something like this New York Times headline: “Archdiocese Humbled, Court Concedes No Evidence for Heaven.” The same daydream begins earlier that same day as the chief justice of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Alice M. Batchelder, hears opening remarks in Michigan Secular Student Alliance … Continue reading