Sketches on Atheism

“Of course what you say is true, but we should not say it publically”

“Would you willingly lie to your children?” asks Rabbi Adam Chalom, Ph.D.  “Would you say this is what happened when you know this is not what happened? There’s an ethical question there.” The lie Rabbi Chalom is referring to is the continued maintenance of the popular belief that the Jewish foundation narrative detailed in the … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

Want to see a Theists’ head explode? Point out to them they’re already a militant Atheist.

Granted, it was probably wrong on some levels, but it was also undeniably fun. Trolling Fox (cough) News online message boards back when they actually permitted comments filled in micro work-gaps and left me at times literally spitting my coffee over the computer screen as I choked in fits of laughter. The political forums were … Continue reading

This Jesus Fellow

Christianity’s god awfully awkward, nightmarish question

It’s the most overlooked question in the Christian world, the stuff of nightmares for Sunday school teachers across the planet: If Jesus was God, why didn’t he say anything useful? He didn’t mention bacteria, pasteurization, or the importance of dental hygiene. He didn’t explain lightning, the tides, the sun, our position in the solar system, … Continue reading