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  1. Morning, on whichever side of the world you are….
    Going through your Blogs as I chanced upon a comment or three of yours on another Blog and thought I would come over and see what you are about. Well, such an interesting Blog. You are probably raising your eyebrows and saying ” patronising” but it is fascinating. I don’t subscribe to the Atheistic view (?) but I love the reading’ mental fencing I do in my mind with you and generally the lovely style of prose. I am a mere foot soldier with regards to your writing, but more importantly is that I love your point of view. Absolutely disagree with all of it ( I am a great believer in reincarnation) but its wonderful to get balanced views and opinions, so I shall read more and allow my mind to be opened – but never turned…. đŸ™‚

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    • Hi Looney. Buddhists are atheists, and they believe in reincarnation, so there’s no problem there. A-theism is simply the absence of belief in the gods. You can be an atheist and also believe in panpsychism (Buddhism is a flavour of this), which could well be true. I’m certainly open to that idea, especially considering it’s what 13.8 billion years of cosmic evolution seems to point to. Long story short, no problem here đŸ™‚


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