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The god machine

Theists truly hate reductionism like this, it dents their fragile sensibilities, but this is the god machine: the human frontal lobe. It took about 1,333 generations to grow, and it is no coincidence that the first of tens of thousands of gods (the proto-gods of the cardinal ancestor cults) leapt into an existence of sorts shortly … Continue reading

This God Fellow

The not-so-supernatural backstory of this loving- smiting, forgiving-vengeful, pleasant-cheerless sky fairy, YHWH

For Jews, Christians and Muslims YHWH surfed existence before there was existence, sneezed six times, fashioned the universe expressly for man, then waited 13.7 billion years before telling some illiterate goat herders in the desert how to behave. That’s one version of events, the version offered up by same said illiterate goat herders and since … Continue reading