96 thoughts on “The face of religious terror

  1. It is truly scarey. Watching the religious elements of our society viciously chew at the very roots of our civilization is horrifying.

    They don’t seem to get that “the good old days” really took the piss on just about every level for those who lived during them and it doesn’t get easier the farther back you go.

    Great post John. :>


      • That is usually a sign that women need to do more of what ‘they’ are afraid of. If you’re not making someone (or half the planet who call themselves religious) angry, then you’re not doing it right. Even for purely selfish reasons, ignoring the immorality of suppressing the fairer race, life gets better for everyone by educating women and giving them the freedom they deserve, just as much for men as for women. It is, quite literally, stupidity that does not see this.


      • In the future, when we are technologically augmented, perfectly rational, and have the entirety of human knowledge inside of our brains on-demand 24/7, history won’t have nice things to say about religion.


      • You’ve got that right. It’ll be afforded the same baffled giggles we gave when as kids we learnt people used to believe the earth was flat. Oh Star Trek, where are you???


      • It’s coming. You read about the 100 Year Starship project? The warp drive that NASA is looking into? The fusion drive that may take us to Mars? The problem with sci-fi of the late 20th century was it arbitrarily put dates, ramping up our expectations too soon. The real inventions are coming along. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, will be unveiling an alien-looking spaceship later this year. The future is almost here, sit tight Mr. Zande 🙂


    • You obviously don’t know The Spouse.

      But women are a threat to the sacrifice of abstinence—you evil beings seduce the faithful from the True Path and divert attention from the worship of the One True Gods (all three of Him, for some). Nope, women should be kept in special breeding barns and given only to the truly worthy to propagate the species.
      Now for God’s sake (a) wash that blackboard and (b) pass that microscope over to a boy, and (c) shut your damned keyboard lest Satan use you to even greater effect—your pathetic ignorant bleating question has already done enough damage.

      I hope ….


    • Knowledge is power.

      Knowledge can dissipate superstitions like a lantern does darkness.
      A priest/rabbi/mullah (absolutely expert in how many angels can dance on the head of a pin) cannot combat genuine Knowledge, he is compelled to defensively reassert his power before he loses it to the clear level gaze of the educated.

      So in the Abrahamic religions women are unclean and to be kept in their place (uneducated drudges serving men).
      The liberating effect of knowledge (“You’re a footless sham, Priest!”) and a level gaze based in the real world rather than a world of spooks and demons is a threat that cannot be allowed to grow unchecked.
      Another reason why priests ferret out and destroy ‘witchery’ — the local franchise cannot tolerate any competition for the limited bucks of the faithful.


      • One would think knowledge dissipates superstitions, but I look and the step backwards muslim women have taken in the last fifty/sixty years (France, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Turkey…) and I weep. We are not talking about ignorant women here, but silent women by choice.


      • Silence is brilliant stuff when it means survival … dead heroes are useless, live diplomats can create change.

        Someone once said “If I survive, I win”. The Chinese point out that under the same heavy fall of snow the mighty oak can collapse whilst the wimpy willow just bends, and shrugs off the load.

        Liberation arises first and foremost via education and circumspect manoeuvering. For women in those places I can offer no help at all, beyond what I’m trying to do on these blogs—and reasoning with the deluded is as much use as reasoning with a mad dog, it can’t be done.


  2. am scared myself 😀
    and could you do a meme which we can use a response to every christian post. I think one or two would be sufficient. this is a suggestion from Ark


  3. Dontcha know a man has a right to do with his property as he sees fit? Better be careful…he’s got the state behind him too.


    • Such an odd perspective: the idea of physical property. It’s fear, plain and simple. These men are terrified of women. They’re so caught up in their own inadequacies and perversions that they want to cage the thing they think has the most power to hurt them. It’s about the most pathetic thing out there


      • Terrified of women? Oh, reeeelly?

        “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the wor—” … oh. I see …

        A pity Lysistrata is deceased. We could do with a few more like her.


      • I always maintain that any deity that requires mere mortals to speak for it is not worth the time of day.
        If I was a god I sure as hell wouldn’t want some puny squishy life forms speaking n my behalf.
        They are all mostly the same, but Muslims are just a bit more left field for my liking.


      • You’re being far, far, far too kind. The problem for Muslims though is the great majority of them are uneducated ignoramuses and really can’t help but be hoodwinked by the bullshit. Christianity attracts and maintains the stupid, but Islam seems to be that special place where the atomically dumb fall through to. It’s why you can’t have a conversation/debate with a Muslim without them quoting the Qur’an. They literally can’t think for themselves.


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  5. The article looks like it would be really great, but where is it? All I see are the two pictures and the blurbs “What terrifies fundamentalists the most?” But when I click them on, all I see is a PDF version of the photographs. I want to read this, so please let me know what I have to do to read the article.


  6. Alright, it may just be that it is late, but I have to admit it took me a while to get it. I know, I know, once I got it I wondered why I did not see it before, but I guess one does not see it until one sees it, right? Though part of me is still wondering if I really got it and now I am just quarrelling within my mind. Maybe I should get some rest. Great post, though, mind if I repost? 🙂


  7. Applauding you for this, as a woman who sees women in Western society waste their education and strip off instead of thinking. The waste of resources is incredible, just like in social systems where women are oppressed as a rule. I met a man in the United States who said that due to religious beliefs, his wife could not exercise, as she would have to dress immodestly. He works out every day and is in great shape. However, her lack of physical activity is affecting her well being and their marriage. This might be a completely different thesis from what you presented in your post but to me it feels the same. x

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  8. Glad you brought this important topic up, johnzande!

    Read more about religious terrorism here:

    1) ;

    2) ; and here:

    3) .

    Those three links focus terrorism based on Christian faith. ISIS/ISIL/Daesh can get inspired also by studying poisonous Christian fundamentalism.

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