56 thoughts on “Too stupid even for Christianity?

    • You mean for Satan having an endless supply of piss for the unsuspecting? It’s an answer i’m almost certain the iman would have. I’ll have to research his lectures a little further…. Its well worth it! 🙂


  1. Hmm, maybe Satan’s urine doesn’t taste like urine as we know it.
    It probably would taste like whatever the individual’s favorite beverage is – until he/she gets to hell – at which point it would taste like a rancid milk & bull urine smoothie.


  2. Riveting! Satan has apparently distributed copious amounts of his precious urine through the mouth and straight into what little brains this Islamic cretin, oops I meant cleric, might have had. It’s further proof of the Archiligion Principle: A brain immersed in religion (or Satan’s weewee) experiences a loss of rationality proportional to the time of immersion and eventually dissolves.


      • My guess is as good as anyone else’s, but I suppose that this guy’s main problem is somewhere in the vicinity of having suffered from a lack of oxygen to the brain while he was popping out of his mommy’s pudenda. Maybe Satan tried to strangle him with the umbilical chord? Too bad he wasn’t successful. What an argument for birth control this fellow is.


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  4. How depressing it is to think, that the Islamic world was once on the peak of scientific research and philosophy, but that they opted for blind faith. And today, when other civilizations are researching space, they have this to offer… It is so sad, I can not even laugh.


      • Well, the west is not blameless. As you know. Western overnational corporations support dictatureships, or dictature like monarchies, as puppet governments, all the while common people live in ignorance and medieval conditions. The corporations also deal in western “democratic” politics by lobbying and deciding who has enough money to run for candidancy. And ultimately, they use the western military might to set developing countries, like most of the Islamic world, into making more nice treaties with the corporations. Who pays for this, is the developing countries by their raw products, like oil, gas, coffee, bananas, what have you. And of course the western taxpayers, who pay for the politics and miltary.

        One of the major downsides of this, is that in Islamic countries the ignorant general population see the Islamists as the only force trying to counter them being robbed of their natural resources and the dictatorships. And as the only conservative force countering the overwhelming western commercialist cultural influence. It is very dangerous when people find religious fanaticism to be their only cultural heritage, what ever the religion.


      • Correct, the west is not blameless, but it cannot be isolated as the sole source of their problems. Insidious illiteracy is the fault of corrupted local governments, and that alone is the door through which religious ignorance proceeds. The Imams and the clerics are as greedy as the Kingly dictators and their inner circles. Their ends are serviced first to the detriment of the common man who’ll never be given an enlightened education if that education threatens the establishment. Their lot is presently a bad one, but the die has not been cast.


      • Oh, you are so right. But let us hope a change will come and that the solution to the west conquering Islamic territory will not be the same as it was in the times of the crusades. That is to give up reason and throw the society to the arms of an imaginary deity, who resolves all problems, by primitive tribal moralism. Let us also hope that this will not be the direction of culture here in the “west”.


  5. Satan doesn’t urinate. Nor does he deficate, because he doesn’t eat or drink. I don’t know why this isn’t obvious. Aside from this, the Muslim guy’s logic is solid. For the record, Satan is unjustly demonized. God created Satan to take blame for God’s screw ups. So naturally Satan would want to pee in people’s mouths. It’s just not possible. Neither does he make the stock market tumble. Obviously, he doesn’t have or need money because he doesn’t have to buy groceries. How the he’ll does he influence markets without a lot of money? God makes the market tumble, because he hates me.

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