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Sketches on Atheism

Incompetence or malevolence: the failure of the Christian narrative

“God’s creation was perfect; there was no sickness, pain, or death. But this perfect creation did not last long.” (Ken Ham) The Christian narrative is erected upon the basal claim that Man corrupted Yhwh’s perfect Creation and is therefore diseased and in need of a cure. That cure is, of course, Jesus, who sacrificed himself, … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

On Evil

In the minds of those determined to believe[1], maximum evil could not, under any circumstance, exist unto itself, free and unrestricted. In the eyes of those who must believe, this universe could not, as such, possibly be the construct of a perfectly evil, maximally powerful creator because such a universe would almost certainly annihilate itself. Maximum evil, it is held … Continue reading

Sketches on Atheism

Why Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus

From The Ohr Somayach Insitute, Jerusalem. Dear Rabbi, Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus? Doesn’t it say in the Psalms, “They pierced my hands and feet”? Doesn’t Isaiah say, “Behold a virgin shall give birth”? JESUS – NOT THE MESSIAH Scriptural References In order to understand anything in the Torah one must look at the original Hebrew. You will … Continue reading