Sketches on Atheism

A brilliant piece by clubschadenfreude. Possibly the best researched, best articulated atheist essay on the Newton massacre .

Club Schadenfreude

reality-check[1]As the days go by, I see more excuses from Christians on why their god do is hands-off  when awful things happen.  It’s easy for me as an atheist; there is no evidence for a god so I am not surprised when no gods show up in response to a violent event or in response to prayers of any kind.  But without this acceptance of reality, for the theist, it’s a problem. They must come up with excuses so they may preserve their belief in such a being.  They’ve invested a lot of time and self-worth in religion. I did the same when I was a Christian.  If they’re wrong about this, what else might they be wrong about?  If you have never considered yourself wrong, it’s a very scary thing to contemplate. Especially if that “wrongness” has supposedly eternal implications that involve eternal torture.  

(To the Christians that follow my blog, if you…

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