90 thoughts on “Think about it…

  1. Ah, c’mon, John. How’s he gonna convince people Heaven is a much better place if he was to approach people in them paradises? Huh? How’s he gonna punish people by makin’ ’em wander through the gorgeous forest for 40 years? Doesn’t make sense does it? How’s he gonna make folks dehydrated, sunstroked, and delerious enough to believe a bunch of bullshit unless it is hot and dry and awful?

    You gotta have faith, boy!


  2. Oh John, you’re having us on. These are all pictures straight from an Oz tourist brochure. Yawheh never went there because it was already taken by a bunch of dream-timers 100’000 years before Yawheh was even thought off.


  3. It’s interesting to think about how different mythologies related to different environments. Of course people from the first three settings would be animists/polytheists, look at how beautiful everything is, must be divine. But for people in the desert…. where there’s nothing but sand… there’s just one God….. and he’s an asshole…… cuz the desert fucking sucks.


  4. Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think you have a really interesting point here that can poke PeW in the eye. One of his reason’s to think that belief in Christianity can be logical is that the Jewish fountain didn’t worship nature … poor things, no wonder they had to make their superstition anthropomorphic. Oh look, there’s a deity in the colourless dust over there! Not quite the same as an oak tree or a jaguar …


      • Actually the promised land had and has green and miles and miles of forest, the Jordan river, the Sea of Galilee, verdant mountains, the Mediterranean, palm groves, streams “as it does to this day” but as with all good pilgrimages, one must often transverse desert to arrive ; ) As for desert tho–Georgia O’Keefe loved painting in the desert, she’d go under her car to get out of the sun while she painted her cow skeletons.


  5. Without having read the other comments yet … perhaps at the time, that actually was a nice place?

    All the blasted Climate Change, I tell yaβ€”ya just can’t trust anyone!


  6. I’ve been to the Dead Sea and let me tell ya that area is incredibly gorgeous and wild. It’s big, crazy, and really, really old feeling. Oases dot the way, and it’s also amazing to see Bedouin camps in barren areas…with the occasional TV antenna. Obviously, the spiritual idea of desert is to learn to live in the moment, focused on water survival, and ultimately YHWH. The desert is full of life; it’s just a different color. Take it from me–I’ve been stung by a scorpion! ; ) And seen snakes, tarantulas, lizards, (all these in the southwest U.S.) When I was traveling to the Dead Sea (probably near the same route Alexander the Great used back when) a torrential rain hit, like Noah’s flood they said…rain in the desert is unreal! So for me and many others, the desert is full of life and promise.


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